The substance abuse program offers substance abuse counseling to adults (18 years and older) who are HIV/ AIDS positive. Services include assessment, inpatient treatment referrals, substance abuse support groups and individual counseling. This substance abuse program follows a harm reduction approach and advocates meeting the client where they are at, while helping them to achieve their goals of managing or stopping drug use.

The substance abuse program also provides some positive incentives to assist and motivate clients to participate in the substance abuse program. If you would like additional information about substance abuse services, please call: 312-572-2369. You can also ask your primary medical provider or case manager for a referral.


Mental Health Services are available to HIV/AIDS patients, family members, and significant others. These services assist individuals in addressing the emotional elements of living with HIV/AIDS and related medical conditions. These services include assessment, individual, couple’s and family counseling, psychiatric consultation and support groups.

To access mental health services, please call 312-572-1106 or 5883.
Your medical provider can also make referrals during a clinic visit.

Need to Know
General support group meets twice monthly.
Contact M. Kemp 312- 572-1106.

Women’s Group
Meets Thursday evenings.
Contact M. Kemp 312-572-1106.

Men’s Group
Meets twice monthly on Wednesday evenings.
Contact William Anderson at 312-572-2651.

Substance Abuse Group
Meets three times per week.
Contact Patricia Pulliam at 312-572 -2369.

Stress Management
Meets every other week.
Contact Mark Maluga at 312-572-5883.