HIV counseling and testing are completely confidential. During the pre-test session, a comprehensive risk assessment is completed and lifestyle changes are encouraged. Referrals are made when necessary. An appointment for your post-test counseling and to receive your test results will be made during your pre-test counseling session. It usually takes 14 days for the test results. Results are only given in person, regardless of whether the results are positive or negative. Know your status! Get tested for HIV. For an appointment, call 312-572-2730.

The HIV laboratory test will test for antibody to HIV virus in the blood. If the initial test is positive, it will be confirmed with the “western blot” test. In the majority of high risk groups, the antibody is positive approximately 3-4 weeks after exposure. 95% of patients are antibody positive after six months.


The Case Finder’s role is to do outreach in the community to individuals whose behavior puts them at risk for exposure to HIV, so that they may be encouraged to be tested for HIV. The Case Finder is also responsible for locating patients who have been lost to follow-up.

A chaplain is available for spiritual counseling, scripture and prayer. The chaplain can be reached at 312-572-2653 or by calling the hospital operator at 312-573-2000.