For appointments call the Nursing office at 312-572-2736 or 2734.
The initial visit may last 3 – 5 hours.

1. Have a pencil/pen ready to write down your appointment time, date and the items you will need for your first visit.

2. New patients are referred to a Doctor or Physician Assistant, who will be your Primary Care Provider.

3. For your first visit you will need:
• Bottles or labels from medications you are currently taking.
• Previous medical records (if available).
• Legal identification such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport.
• Medical Insurance card (Public Aid, Medicare, etc).
• Discharge records from previous hospitalization.

4. Blood will be drawn to evaluate baseline laboratory values. Other preliminary screening may include a chest x-ray and toxicology (urine drug) screen.

5. You will need to be evaluated by a Case Manager for case management screening.


6. Please call and let us know if you are unable to make your appointment for any reason.

7. Please help keep your information current. Inform us of any changes in your name, address or telephone number.

The clinic providers include four Medical Doctors and two Physician Assistants. Clinic appointments are scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Plan to arrive by 8:30 am, but all patients must arrive before 11am to be seen. Arrivals after 11 am will be rescheduled. Walk-ins are for emergencies only and will be evaluated by the nurse and referred for medical care appropriately.

All patients are offered HIV antiretroviral therapy (HAART), when indicated. PCP Pneumonia prevention and prophylaxis against other opportunistic infections are prescribed where appropriate. Follow-up visits are scheduled to see the primary care provider and do laboratory screening as needed.

TB screening is required annually (placed and read) and a flu shot is recommended each year. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccination series are advised for those who do not have immunity. A pneumovax vaccine will be given at the initial visit, and every 5 years thereafter.

All female patients will receive pap smears every six months in the first year, then annually if normal. Patients with an abnormal pap smear will be referred to the OB/Gynecology department for further evaluation. All pregnant women will be referred to the Core Center for prenatal care. After delivery, the patient may resume care at PHCC.


Dental services are usually free for HIV/AIDS patients throughout Chicago land. All patients must have recent lab results and a TB test (TST) within the previous year. A Dental referral must be completed each year by the medical provider. The referral is submitted to the dentist only through our program. Referrals for patients not enrolled in our program for medical care may be faxed to 312-572-2799.