Provident Hospital of Cook County, (PHCC), is a public, community hospital. Its mission continues to be provision of comprehensive health care to all Cook County residents.

Provident Hospital was established on January 22, 1891 by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, as the nation’s first African-American owned hospital. Dr. Williams would later be noted for doing the nation’s first open heart surgery. Its doors closed in the 1980’s.

Recognizing the importance of providing quality health care to Chicago’s South Side, the Cook County Government purchased the facility in 1990. Provident Medical Center opened to address the need for better access to health care for all residents of Cook County. Located at 500 East 51st Street, Provident Hospital is in a unique position to serve its culturally diverse community. All are provided quality medical care regardless of the ability to pay.


The Provident Hospital of Cook County HIV Program provides exemplary multidisciplinary services to improve the quality of life of individuals living with HIV regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex, disability, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

Multidisciplinary services are achieved through:
• Linking medical, case management, behaviorial health and dental care.
• Providing education and prevention services.
• Establishing collaborative partnerships with community and faith-based organizations.


Appointments: 312-572-2734 or 2736

Main Program Phone Number: 312-572-2724

Main Hospital Phone Number: 312-572-2000

Administrative Director: 312-572-5994

Physician Assistants: 312-572-2647 or 2743

Case Manager Supervisor: 312-572-2610

Mental Health Provider: 312-572-1106

Nurses Office: 312-572-2734 or 2736

Health Educator/HIV Testing: 312-572-2730

Substance Abuse Counselor: 312-572-2369

Outpatient Pharmacy: 312-572-2960 or 2964

Administrative Assistant: 312-572-2416

Data Manager: 312-572-2785

Fax: 312-572-2799

Vital Bridges (Main office): 773-665-1000

Aids Legal Council of Chicago: 312-427-8990

Illinois Eye Institute: 877-949-EYES (3937)

Pharmacare Pharmacy: 800-238-7828